Your Home Vet Care
   (Non Emergency Service)

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Welcome to our non emergency service! Still open during the covid pandemic

'Your Home Vet Care' isn't just any business. It is a business built by a family that have the passion to really want to help you and your family, especially the pets in your family.

With family in the Moreton Bay Region, (North Brisbane Queensland) we want to help improve the community we live in.  Our head vet was born and raised in Queensland so our service is passionate about supporting local businesses who are also supporting our country particularly as we struggle with the ramification of the COVID19 Pandemic. We are made in Australia and are passionate about buying products that are also made in Australia. 

This service has been running for more than 8 years, the reviews speak for themselves. Our good qualities are many but a few to mention include;  we come to you; the service provided is quality so there will be lots of time to ask questions and for your pets to become accustomed to someone new being present; we will provide explanations that you will understand; we will continue to track your pets health and be with you every step of the way; you will see the same vet EVERY time so no need to have to explain everything again; we are very safety conscious and have made changes to the way we provide a service to you so to ensure the safety of not only pets but also all humans given the current COVID19 pandemic.

Our service aims to provide an environment that will make your pet feel more comfortable. The vet brings a wealth of knowledge to each consultation, not only as a veterinarian but also as a behavioural scientist; in combination these skills assist in easing the fear that many pets feel when being examined. 

Our aim is to do the best we can to prevent a devastating event/illness occurring to your pet/s in the most comfortable environment. Prevention is the key to a happy healthy fur family and a happy you. 

Consider this:  a dog that is vaccinated for parvo virus will increase it's survival chances drastically if it obtains its full course of vaccinations as a puppy; is your dog itchy? Let's spend time discussing your pet's full history, do an examination, appropriate skin diagnostics and treat appropriately.  The vet has a special interest in diagnosing and treating ear and skin conditions. 

Cats need vaccinations and an annual check up also; a cat's life span can be increased 5 fold if it is kept indoors or in a secure outdoor enclosure - we can give you advice about the best way to do this; Teeth problems/gingivitis and weight management in our pets are two big issues facing pet owners; oral health and weight management programs can also be devised.  

Our vet has a special interest in environmental health for our pets, and in providing the best quality of life especially for our older pets. Our cats especially need help with this and we aim to give them the best with as minimal as possible needs to administer oral medication (who wants to lose their fingers and cause this sort of stress in our pet?).  Older dogs and cats have special needs and pain relief management is often necessary so lets devise a plan to suit you and your pet's health needs.  If we can avoid the use of prescription items to do this, then we will discuss the changes you can make to help your pet through this stage of life.  

Our vet also has a passion for caring for our community and making our world a better place.  If you would like to see a specific fundraising event occur please contact the service and let us know.  Click here for our recent fundraising efforts.

We look forward to meeting you and looking after your pet's health needs. Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see you again!  

Check back later for new updates to my website. There‚Äôs much more to come!